Greetings and welcome. This website is still in its formative stages; for now you can check the calendar for any upcoming gigs, and I'll be adding other content soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Live recording of the Alex Schrock Trio available

Guitarist Alex Schrock has a new digital release available on Bandcamp, Live at BLU Jazz+, from a performance at the Akron, Ohio jazz spot earlier this year featuring myself on bass and Anthony Taddeo on drums.

New Recordings

Check out these recent releases on which I play bass:

Om Mani Payme Hung
digital single by world-jazz-fusion band Chakra, of an original composition by guitarist Hans Utter and vocalist Utpola Borah

Songs of Dusk
new album by drummer Jacob Reed, featuring jazz interpretations of baroque arias and folk songs as well as a few of Jake's beautiful compositions

I'm also currently in the process of recording my own album, to be released within the next few months - stay tuned!

404: Live at River Road

Newly available album from Project Ruori: "404: Live at River Road". Recorded in 2003 at a picturesque art gallery near Denison University, this album features two live, entirely improvised half-hour sets of music ranging from ambient soundscapes to lively jazz fusion grooves. Featuring Steve Mokris on keyboards, Bradley Mellen on keyboards and electric bass, and Aaron Fuleki on electronic drumset. Check it out now at

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